2020-10 Introducing the 3.0 Beta APIs

Note: Currently we recommend that you continue to use the v2.0 API for production.

The 3.0 API documentation has its first BETA APIs - list products and get a specific product. We have made these BETA GET APIs available for the wider community to test them and provide us with feedback. One of the issues we have been looking at addressing with these product APIs is the complexity in the v2.0 API when getting variant and composite products. Essentially they are moving towards more of a domain representation of a product.

Things to note:

  • The 3.0 Beta API uses the same pagination/versioning concepts as 2.0, except the names have changed to make them more intuitive. The query parameter after has been renamed to after_version and deleted has been renamed to include_deleted. The query parameter before has been removed.
  • These new APIs return mostly the same data as the v0.9 and v2.0 versions, but the structure of the returned data is very different, so these new API's are not backwards compatible.
  • If you are particular focusing on reading variants and composite products we would recommend that you use this API.
  • If you are looking to migrate from v0.9, then we would recommend that you use this API rather than the v2.0 version.

If you have any further questions or feedback please get in touch with us at [email protected].