2021-04 Support for Multiple Product Codes

In Lightspeed Retail (X-Series), you are now able to add multiple barcodes that can be scanned alongside the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). These can be captured on Standard and Variant products, and used for scanning/selling and inventory management without sacrificing the ability to identify products internally using a SKU.

Product codes are exposed on both the 2.0 and 3.0 Products APIs

You can manage these codes using our Product Actions API

Note that product codes must be unique per product. Multiple products cannot share the same code

Product codes are not validated for conformance with the schema for the specific code type

For more information on this product feature, please review the support article here

Supported barcode types:

  • Auto-generated: Lightspeed Retails (X-Series)'s automatically generated SKUs\
  • Custom codes: any other code\
  • EAN: European Article Number\
  • ISBN: International Standard Book Number\
  • ITF: Interleaved Two of Five\
  • JAN: Japanese Article Number\
  • UPC: Universal Product Code