2024-05 On Account Fulfillment Sales

On May 10, 2024, the On Account Fulfillment Sales feature started rolling out gradually and was completed on May 28, 2024.
This feature allows fulfillment sales to be paid on account.

A new API 2.0 endpoint has been added to get pick lists by sale ID.
This can be used in combination with get fulfillments by sale ID to determine the overall fulfillment status of a sale.

In order to determine if a sale has a fulfillment component to it, you can view the sale's "attributes". The attributes for a sale are returned when creating or retrieving a sale in both v0.9 and v2.0 - they are called register_sale_attributes and attributes respectively. If a sale has an attribute of either 'pickup' or 'delivery', then you can retrieve more information about the fulfillment/picklist status by calling the endpoints above.

For example, when an ONACCOUNT sale requires that a delivery is made, the sale is returned with attributes of 'onaccount' and 'delivery'. Since this sale requires fulfilling at some time in the future, a pick list associated to this sale is created.
The list of pick lists can be retrieved using get pick lists by sale ID.

When the sale is fulfilled, the pick list no longer exists. This means it is no longer retrivable by the getpicklistsbysaleid endpoint. A fulfillment is created as a result and can be verified using get fulfillments by sale ID.