Bulk update consignment products

Add or update the products in a consignment in bulk.

Note: Must include either count or received for each product.

Note: It is not recommended to update more than 500 products at a time, as this may lead to server timeouts.


If the type is SUPPLIER then:

  • Cannot add a composite product by this api
  • Cannot update products if the consignment has a status of RECEIVED or CANCELLED
  • If status is OPEN or SENT, the count value will be accumulated
  • If status is DISPATCHED, the received quantity will be accumulated
  • If status is OPEN, SENT or DISPATCHED, the cost will be updated
  • If a received field is provided for consignment products in an OPEN or SENT Supplier Order - the order will be automatically marked as DISPATCHED. Remove the received field if you don't intend to dispatch the OPEN or SENT purchase order
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