List audit events

This API returns a list of all the audit log events that match the given filters.

Note: Not every single change in the system is audited. Currently the audited entities include:

customerform create/update/delete
customerapi create/update/delete
customercsv import
registerform create/update/delete
outletform create/update/delete
csv importinitTracks CSV import requests and includes data about the import type (customer, product) and the CSV file line count.
product*create/update/deleteAll actions on products.
securityterms_accepted, signin, signout, change_email, change_password, reset_password_confirm, user_switching_succes, user_switching_denied, new_personal_token, update_personal_token, delete_personal_tokenss, issue_oauth_token
vend_consignmentinsert/updateReceiving, creating and editing purchase orders as well as inventory counts.
vend_consignment_productinsert/updateChanges to the products in a purchase order. Such as creating purchase orders.
timeclockclockin/clockoutClock event where a user either clocked in or clocked out.


  • The from and to filters require a full isoformat date, for example ?from=2020-02-03T00:00:00&to=2020-02-05T23:59:59.
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