Search for resources

This endpoint allows integrators to search all of the most commonly used resources, sales, products and customers. Each type allowing search by a number of different parameters.

Supported resource types and attributes

  • Sales
    • date_from
    • date_to
    • status
    • invoice_number
    • customer_id
    • user_id
    • outlet_id
  • Products
    • sku (values must be lowercased)
    • supplier_id
    • brand_id
    • tag_id
    • product_type_id
    • variant_parent_id
  • Customers
    • customer_code
    • first_name
    • last_name
    • company_name
    • mobile
    • phone
    • email

Sorting and pagination

Unlike other endpoints in the API 2.0, search results from this endpoint can be sorted by any of the attributes above. Because of that, the default pagination mechanism is not appropriate for this endpoint. Instead, this endpoint uses offset and page_size attributes to handle search results spanning multiple pages.

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