Data Security

Data security

In an effort to ensure the safety of customer's data, we have implemented a function which will automatically redacts all credit card related data coming into the API.
When the server detects credit card data on certain fields, it will be replaced with a generic non-alphanumeric character without reporting an error and a 200 OK response will be returned.

Affected fields on API entities

  • Customer
    • first_name
    • last_name
    • company_name
    • note
    • postalAddress1
    • postalAddress2
    • postalCity
    • postalPostcode
    • postalState
    • postalSuburb
    • physicalAddress1
    • physicalAddress2
    • physicalCity
    • physicalPostcode
    • physicalState
    • physicalSuburb
    • customfield(1-4)
  • Sale
    • note