User Agent

User agent

We highly recommend setting a meaningful User-Agent header on all the request you make to the API.

In the case of a public web application, it is sufficient to use the application name, but you may also decide to add some more details like the version of your app or even a request id. This allows us to track these requests precisely in our logs when required. Even if your HTTP client library sets a default User-Agent header, it's usually not enough to uniquely identify the application which made the request. The more specific this header is, the more useful it will be to all parties.

Good examples:

  • PerfectApp-Curl/3.0.4/100119db
  • MyWellBehavedPublicApp

Bad examples:

  • -
  • Java/1.8.0_101
  • Python-urllib/3.4
  • Go-http-client/1.1
  • RestSharp/